Our Story


Aloha Friends!

I am a Certified Health Coach, Birth Worker, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. And although I'm not a professionally trained chef, I have always loved to cook and create recipes that nourish my clients, friends and family. Palaa'u Provisions sparked from my passion to share the healing wisdom of nutrition and herbalism and to cultivate awareness of more healthful alternatives to the current status quo.

The word pala’au translates “to begin to heal with herbs”. Each of my recipes celebrates the protective essence and life giving properties of these herbs. Pala'au Provisions is rooted in the wisdom that our relationship with food can represent a way of life, a connection with the true nature of self, and nurture a sense of connectedness with the land that surrounds us as we navigate through the day. The inspiration is to provide our community with food that is infused with aloha and intention, food that tastes as good as it makes us feel. The goal is to provide greater freedom of choice through the knowledge and availability of healthful alternatives.

We all may face a variety of challenges each day. Whatever your lifestyle may be, your body relies on nutrients to maintain energy and thought processes to succeed. A simple shift from living focused on modern convenience foods to a diet with nutrient density at its core can be the first step away from the many chronic illnesses that plague our society. Supporting our bodies with organically grown, consciously prepared food is just one of the simple ways that we can heal and further support our highest selves. As we raise our frequency to new heights, we also support our local food system and strengthen our community.

Let’s rise up together in a deeper sense of gratitude and belonging.

Mahalo Nui Loa, 


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